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Apparel Store Closes Sunday, September 19

The Apparel Store for Milton Youth Basketball closes on Sunday, September 19.  All apparel store purchases will be made through the Badger Sporting Goods website.  Apparel items will be distributed through coaches.  To go to the apparel store please go to the link below:

MYB Apparel Store


Registration for In-House (Pre K - Grade 2) Program Still Open!!

MYB In-House Registration is still open for the 2021-2022 season for PreK through Grade 2.  Click the link below to go to our registration system: 

Register Now For Milton Youth Basketball 


    About Milton Youth Basketball Club Inc

    Milton Youth Basketball Club Inc (MYB) offers kids in the Milton School District (Wisconsin) the opportunity to play and enjoy the great game of basketball.  MYB provides fundamental in house leagues for Pre-K through 2nd grades while 3rd through 8th grades are given the opportunity to play in tournaments and leagues with other communities.  MYB exists because of the tremendous support of many individuals that volunteer their time to be on the board, coach, and assist during the many games and tournaments held throughout the season.  This website will be used keep players, parents, coaches and the community informed about MYB events and related information.