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Milton Youth Basketball Summer Shot Club Challenge

Milton Youth Basketball Shot Club

Back by popular demand, the MYB Shot Club is up and running!  The challenge will end on August 31st.  More information is below: 

MYB Shot Club Recording Sheet (if your child's name is not listed for some reason, please add it to the appropriate tab)

We are now in the off-season portion of our basketball program.  Every year we make strides to become better basketball players, however some of the biggest strides that we can make can happen in the offseason.  The best players spend their off season working to improve their game. 

Every year, practices and games get more challenging.  Those challenges get much easier when players work on their game in the offseason.  Part of an offseason program is to set goals for yourself to help aid in this progress.  This is where the “Shot Club” concept comes into place. 

The “Shot Club” is intended to give our kids a goal to strive toward and is meant to supplement any offseason basketball training that you are doing.  With this program you can sit down with your child and discuss with them what kind of goal they want to have for the offseason and work on a plan to attain that goal.  Keep in mind that it is ok to adjust your goals throughout the offseason.  Sometimes we pick goals that are too lofty for our busy schedules and we may have to re-adjust our thoughts.  Or we are able to do more than we thought and have to shoot to achieve the next goal.  The beauty of this concept is that no matter the goal, you will be working on, and improving your skills. 

How the program works:
For the purposes of this program, the “offseason” will begin in April 1 and end on August 31 (about 21 weeks, 150 days).  Within those 5 months you can establish a goal to “shoot” a designated number of shots (made or missed).  You will log those shots on a calendar and have your parents sign off on all of the days of shooting. 

15,000 Shots = 715/week or ~100/day
20,000 Shots = 953/week or 136/day
25,000 Shots = 1191/week or 170/day
30,000 Shots = 1429/week or 204/day
OR MORE, It’s Up To You!

How to track your shots:
You can “track” your shots several different ways. 

  1. The old fashioned way is to just count every shot that you take
  2. Choose a “sample workout” and take all of those shots for an easy way to count.
  3. Participate in a basketball activity listed below and score those points.

Then log that activity on the calendar for that day.  You can write it down and then update the google form, or you can update the google form every day.  We would encourage participants to also keep a paper record to make sure that your information is recorded.  The google form is located at:

MYB Shot Club Recording Sheet (if your child's name is not listed for some reason, please add it to the appropriate tab)

Credit for Camps, Clinics, Practices and Games
Since it is difficult to keep track of how many shots you might take during a practice, game or clinic, here is an easy way to do that. 

300 shots for each day you attend of a shooting camp.
200 shots per hour if you attend a regular basketball camp, practice or individual training session.
400 shots for each day you attend the Boys or Girls Red Hawks Summer Camps (Special Credit given for attending the Milton High School’s basketball camps)
100 shots for every regulation game you play.
100 shots per hour of pick-up basketball games you play with your friends.

Prizes - Recognition
All participants that accomplish at least 15,000 shots will receive a shirt to celebrate their accomplishment, be recognized at halftime of a high school varsity basketball game during the following season and will have their accomplishment displayed on the MYB website or Facebook. 


The most successful shooters do the following:

  1. Establish a specific practice time.
  2. Write down long range and daily goals.
  3. Work to develop the basic shooting fundamentals (B.E.E.F. – Balance, Elbow, Eyes, Follow through!).
  4. Use shots that you will take in a game.
  5. Shoot off of movement.
  6. Develop a routine that combines a variety of shots.
  7. Use fakes and drives while shooting.
  8. FOLLOW ALL SHOTS.  Never let the ball bounce twice.
  9. GO FULL SPEED – no casual shooting. (example, “HORSE” or “Lightning”).
  10. Shoot from a variety of spots.
  11. Practice shots after you are tired, don’t just quit.
  12. Incorporate free throws into your shooting.
  13. Shoot with confidence, concentration, and relaxation.
  14. You have to believe that every shot you take is going in.  Develop a shooter’s mentality.

Sample Shooting Activity:
Listed below are some shooting activities that you can follow, or you can make up your own program, it is really up to you. 

Finishing Moves - 10 Shots of each of the following. Alternate your starting spot between the elbow and the wing:
Layups, right & left sides
2 Foot Jump Stop, right & left sides
Step Through (vicious pivot) right & left sides
Reverse Lay-up, right & left sides
Post moves from the block, right & left sides
Jab or stutter step, then explosive layup, right & left sides
Mikans, right & left sides
20 Free throws

160 Total shots

Ball Toss Catch and Shoot - 10 Shots of each of the following
Block to Block (10 from the right and left sides)
Right Wing
Left Wing
Right Baseline
Left Baseline
Right Elbow
Left Elbow
20 Free throws

100 Total shots

Shooting – Off the Dribble -10 Shots of each of the following
Right Wing (Turn the Corner Jumper)
Left Wing (Turn the Corner Jumper)
Right Wing (Turn the Corner Step Back Jumper)
Left Wing (Turn the Corner Step Back Jumper)
3 Point line
20 Free throws

70 Total shots

MYB Shot Club

This offseason, Milton Youth Basketball sponsored a shot club challenge for all participants in MYB.  They devoted their offseason to getting better on the court.  Over the course of the offseason these participants logged countless hours of practice time and shots in order to be better basketball players this season.  Congratulations to the 24 players who shot at least 15,000 shots this offseason!

Dylan Hakes, Aubrey Klug, Graham Musgrove, Teagan Becker, Gavin Holtz, Bryce Skemp, Arya Timm, William Boyles, Brooklynn Fladhammer, Nolan Fuhrman, Ella Janssen, Taylyn Lederman, Nolan Murray, Griffin Musgrove, Addison Schaitel, Blake Weberpal, Blake Wixom, Makenzie Hakes, Maelie Vyvyan, Caroline Nesgood, Alyssa Schaitel, Anthony Termini, Greyson Falligant, and Bentley Bilke.