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What does it cost and where does that money go?

Where do my registration fees go?

The goal of the MYB is to facilitate 100% participation for all players who wish to play and we understand that these fees represent a lot of money to most families and we strive to keep costs as low as possible.  We felt it was important for parents to understand where these fees go and why there was in increase in costs this year.   Below are the costs that go into the fees we are collecting:

1.       Uniforms -  We heard from many parents and coaches that a little better-quality uniform was needed for our traveling teams so this year we’ve included in the registration a $50 Under Armor Jersey.  It’s our hope that some players will be able to get multiple years out of a better-quality jersey.

2.      League Registration Costs- For each team in the traveling league we pay a fee of $600 dollars to the badger league.   When you break this cost down by gym rental, insurance fees, ref fees etc this ends up being quite a bargain for number of games played per team.

3.      Court Rentals- As you may be aware Milton gym space is in short supply and in order for many of our teams to practice at reasonable hours we rent gym space at several locations around the area.

4.      Equipment-  MYB supplies equipment like balls, score books and first aid kits to every team in addition we also donate money each year to the school district for improvements to the gyms such as hoops at the elementary schools etc.  

5.      Insurance-  As with any organization insurance is an expensive ticket item that is a necessary evil in todays world

Keep in mind that most of our neighboring communities are quite a bit higher in cost the MYB.